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“I Don’t Have Time To Workout” : Lies We Tell Ourselves

“I Don’t have time to workout”

Justification to ourselves on why we dont work on improving our individual health.

I can understand, not having the energy to workout, but that’s a different issues we can cover later.

I’m not delusional either.

I too have a daughter, a family, run business, and other responsibilities.  Life happen, things get in the way, adjustments and compromises will have to be made.

Adulting can be hard…

I’m not the best case study either.  As there few things in life I enjoy as much as lifting a barbell, so its easy for me to find the time to workout I tend to make it one of my priorities.

How about those who always look for a reason not to workout?

Outside of an injury we should always be working on improving our health, to be around longer for our kids and grandkids.

“I don’t have time” is the simple easy excuse to fall back on.

WHICH IS THE WORST excuse someone can give.

I can almost guarantee that YOU DO have the time to workout.

We all have a smart phone, on that smart phone tracks your battery life.

That battery life tracks also the usage.  That usage will show exactly how long you’ve spent on social media and games on your phones.

I’ve yet to have someone approach me about their time that we’ve now show they average 40+ minutes a day unproductive on their phone.

Plenty of time to workout!

It may come down to time management, but the time is there, for a healthier version of yourself!

Interested in seeing the full explination, click the video below.