Adam Wilson – Black Belt and Jedi Master

Started training 2008
Why I started training: because I felt like it.

Favorite thing about coaching: coaching gives my training purpose. Competitions come and go but the knowledge that you pass on to someone else will last forever. I train so I can learn and I learn so I can pass my knowledge on.

Favorite thing about Derby City:  Derby City is more than a gym. It’s where I go to be with my friends. I’ve built a lot of great friendships through Derby City over the years.  I really owe a lot to this place and the people who train here.

Josh Haeberlin – Brown belt

I started training when I was 6 years old. I started in kung fu.

I went to my grandad’s every summer in Florida. He got me into Martial Arts. I was always small and he wanted me to be able to protect myself.
My favorite thing about coaching is being able to help others. When I show others a technique its like showing a piece of myself. I get satisfaction out of seeing things I’ve been teaching clicking with my students, when they are able to put lessons into action.

My favorite thing about Derby City is the family atmosphere, it’s my home away from home.

Trish Bunnell – Strength & Conditioning 

When you started training: June 2012

Why you started: interested in Crossfit

Favorite thing about coaching: helping people get to the goals they want to accomplish. I like having a small part in that.

Favorite thing about Derby City: people for sure, it’s like a second family.

Eugene Tsozik – Brown Belt

I started training in 2008.

I was always a fan of martial arts movies and when my dad brought home a VHS tape of the early UFCs I saw Royce Gracie and was so intrigued by what he was doing and his style of martial arts. When I got out of high school, and into college,

I continued to be a fan of mixed martial arts and wanted to try BJJ. I felt like it was unique and not something many people knew about.

I also wanted to learn how to defend myself so I tried a class. I’ve been training ever since.

My favorite thing about coaching is being able to teach and empower others with knowledge. It’s extremely fulfilling to watch others have increased success in many aspects of their life from learning BJJ.

My favorite thing about Derby City is the family atmosphere. We are all a family and share a unique bond on the mats.

Rich Simons – Brown Belt

I started training MMA and judo in 2007, then BJJ in August 2010

I saw the early UFC and had to learn and compete in what I saw there and then fell in love with jiu jitsu.

My favorite thing about coaching is the look in a person’s eyes when it clicks and they successfully execute a technique.

I love Derby City because of  the family and bonds you create.