How to develop grit 1 challenge at a time

There’s a really good book I read recently call Grit by Angela Duckworth.

The book details scientific evidence and personal experience to figure out. . .

What makes some people gritty and other people quick to give up?

One of the biggest reasons a person becomes gritty, and my personal experience agrees with this, is when someone is able to overcome a challenging obstacle.

But theres a sweet spot. 

The challenging problem has to be combined with you having the tools to overcome it.

This is what makes martial arts and strength training so powerful! 

It’s a challenging situation every single day you step inside the gym. But all of which are within your power to change things.

And the ability to overcome these challenges develops our character outside of them.

There have been times in my life where I felt crush and it was if everything was falling down around me.

But it felt like the first time I loaded 400lbs on a barbell on my shoulders. It felt like I was crushing under it’s weight. . . but it went up!

I remember being nervous in all sorts of situations like job interviews, business deals, dates, etc.

But I remembered that I was nervous when I was getting ready to fight in a cage against another person in physical combat and it came out alright.

And surely this job interview could be no worse than an MMA fight right?

The challenges we face on the mats and in the weight room change us at the core. It’s why I think the training inside our gym is so powerful for someone. 

It’s not just about being a bad ass fighter or a muscle bound lifter.

I mean those things are pretty cool. . .

But when you’re not fighting anymore and when your muscles begin to leave you. You’re left with the strong character that you developed through those challenges.

If you’re ready to a daily dose of healthy challenges and coaches and teammates to help you along the way. 

Then call 502-937-8797 for a free class, gym tour and to see what it’s all about.


“I Don’t Have Time To Workout” : Lies We Tell Ourselves

“I Don’t have time to workout”

Justification to ourselves on why we dont work on improving our individual health.

I can understand, not having the energy to workout, but that’s a different issues we can cover later.

I’m not delusional either.

I too have a daughter, a family, run business, and other responsibilities.  Life happen, things get in the way, adjustments and compromises will have to be made.

Adulting can be hard…

I’m not the best case study either.  As there few things in life I enjoy as much as lifting a barbell, so its easy for me to find the time to workout I tend to make it one of my priorities.

How about those who always look for a reason not to workout?

Outside of an injury we should always be working on improving our health, to be around longer for our kids and grandkids.

“I don’t have time” is the simple easy excuse to fall back on.

WHICH IS THE WORST excuse someone can give.

I can almost guarantee that YOU DO have the time to workout.

We all have a smart phone, on that smart phone tracks your battery life.

That battery life tracks also the usage.  That usage will show exactly how long you’ve spent on social media and games on your phones.

I’ve yet to have someone approach me about their time that we’ve now show they average 40+ minutes a day unproductive on their phone.

Plenty of time to workout!

It may come down to time management, but the time is there, for a healthier version of yourself!

Interested in seeing the full explination, click the video below.


boxing class picture

From Back Surgery to Her 1st Boxing Class

Would you like to get in shape or learn a martial art but feel like you can’t?

Maybe you’re nervous or perhaps you have an injury.

Recently, I had a chat with one of our members who had some legitimate reasons to not workout. Reasons like back and hip surgery. But she was able to overcome any physical issues she experienced and the anxiety associated with it.

And I wanted to do a member spotlight on her because if you’re someone that truly wants to change your physical appearance, build up your level of confidence or just be connected to an amazing group of people.  Then I think Jackie’s story will be resourceful.

Member Spotlight with Jacquelyn Flynn

boxing class picture

What is you Occupation / What You Do Outside of the gym, etc?

Outside of the gym I am a full time student at Western Kentucky University. I am currently a junior with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. 

When I’m not in school or at the gym, I am usually hanging out with my friends, my family, and/or my boyfriend (who I met through the gym). 

Why did you start Boxing training?

In 2014, at the age of 15 I started having lower back issues. I ended up having lower spine surgeries in April 2015, December 2016, and December 2017. The last surgery my spine was fused from my L5-S1. I also had 2 discs removed and replaced with bone from my hip.

Throughout these years, I struggled with a lot of anxiety and depression. I wasn’t able to do the same things my friends could, I had to be careful, I didn’t get to see my family in other states as often, and I was kind of stuck. Even before my back problems started I struggled with my self-image, weight, confidence, and anxiety. However, those things skyrocketed once my back issues became apparent.

Once my back started to heal, I started thinking about something that I could do to help improve myself both mentally and physically. Since I was little, I would always watch The Ultimate Fighter on tv with my dad. I always thought those fighters, especially the girls, were so strong and confident. Thinking back to this, I decided to give boxing a try. 

What was your biggest fear regarding training when you 1st started? 

I had so many fears when I first started. I was terrified that everyone would look at me and think I didn’t belong there, that I looked absurd doing the movements, and that I just couldn’t do anything right. I remember sitting in the parking lot, shaking because I was so anxious and scared, wanting to throw up. It was terrifying! 

If you were nervous before training. How did those fears change once you were in the gym?

My fears changed as soon as I walked in. Trish showed me around and everyone I saw smiled at me. It felt comfortable. I met Josh, the boxing instructor, and I will say he intimidated me at first. He looked tough and professional and that scared me. Little did I know he’d later be like a gym dad to me! On that first day one person even took me under their wing and helped me figure out what to do and told me how things worked.

Everyone in the boxing class was very kind and helpful and that definitely made me want to keep coming back. 

What have you gained from training (weight loss, confidence, new skills, etc)?

I have gained so much from training. I have lost 15 pounds, which I never thought I’d be able to do. For years I worked out and dieted, but could never do it on my own.

I have also gained confidence, which I had very little of when I first started. I am able to do things inside and outside of the gym that I would have never thought about doing until I started boxing. I am able to start conversations with people, walking into rooms without having to have someone else with me, and so much more.

I have also gained multiple skills since I also take kickboxing, MMA, and strength and conditioning classes. Most of all I am able to defend myself, which for me is very important to be able to do. 

Has training changed your life in anyway?

Training has changed my life in multiple ways. I am a better person, both mentally and physically. I feel good about myself and that is something that I don’t think anything else could have brought me. I have made friends that I talk to daily, inside and outside of the gym. I’ve basically gained another family. 

What’s your favorite part about training?

I think my favorite part about training is the friendships I’ve made. It is such a good feeling walking in and having someone to talk to that you know genuinely cares about you. I know I can go to them with anything and they’ll be there for me. 

If someone was thinking about training at our gym but were a little nervous. What would you tell them?

Go for it, give it a try. It’s okay to be a little nervous, everyone is when they first start! You just have to get in there and give it a chance. I know it’s intimidating, but I promise everyone in there is like a teddy bear and wants nothing but the best for you. And most importantly, you might just find your new favorite thing! 

Anything you’d like to share/express?

There are other gyms out there, but I never want to leave this one. It feels like home. Not just the place, but the people. I drive 40 minutes almost every day, sometimes multiple times a day, to train there. I am even looking at a different college to go to for my masters degree because I love this gym so much! Finally and most importantly, everyone at Derby City MMA accepts me for me and that’s all I need. 

Coaches at Derby City MMA Build People Up (Not Tear Them Down)

If you read through Jackie’s story. I hope you found it as awesome as I do. And I related with it so much.

When I began training I was overweight, unconfident and martial arts and physical training changed that. And as a coach for over 10 years I get deep sense of joy seeing the people inside of our gym receive the same benefits. This is true with all of our coaches. We’re focused on building people up, not tearing them down.

If you live in the Louisville Kentucky area and want began training Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or Strength and Conditioning. Click here to to get started!

We all have difficulties and challenges to face. But don’t let those stop you. Just like in Jacquelyn’s story. She was anxious and shaking with nervousness. Yet when she stepped in she was greeted warmly and helped out every step of the way.

Hope to see you in the gym soon!



Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Win in Charlotte

Our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Competition Team scored several victories and solid performances back in 2016. During the event 3 of our BJJ competitors took to Charlotte to test their abilities. Our head BJJ coach Chewy, Eugene (Purple Belt at the time) and Chris (Blue Belt at the time).


The matches were filled with some great displays of what our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu gym has to offer. Takedowns, submissions, sweeps, etc.

Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Gym Offers More Than Competition

If you would like to do Brazilian Jiujitsu in Louisville, KY. Then check us out at Derby City MMA.

We have an amazing group of people. Everyone from young and old, to competitors and hobbyists.

And while we do have some of the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training available. Lead by our world class coaches Nick “Chewy” Albin and Chad Hardy. Our main focus of our BJJ program is to give people a community and connectedness in addition to the training that’s involved.

In the matches above you see the excitement of a BJJ competition and the hard nose execution of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. But there is so much more. Our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu gym is based around connecting a tribe of people. We train together, hang out together, compete together, etc.

So even if you’re not that interested in Bjj competitions. No problem. Tournaments make up a small percentage of what we do here at the gym. Our biggest focus is to train people in the martial art so they can become physically and mentally stronger while meeting new people.

So if you’re interested in training, don’t wait! Call us at 502-937-8797


If you don’t want to talk on the phone. You can sign up for your first free class by filling out the sign up box on this page. Just click here to sign up.