How to develop grit 1 challenge at a time

There’s a really good book I read recently call Grit by Angela Duckworth.

The book details scientific evidence and personal experience to figure out. . .

What makes some people gritty and other people quick to give up?

One of the biggest reasons a person becomes gritty, and my personal experience agrees with this, is when someone is able to overcome a challenging obstacle.

But theres a sweet spot. 

The challenging problem has to be combined with you having the tools to overcome it.

This is what makes martial arts and strength training so powerful! 

It’s a challenging situation every single day you step inside the gym. But all of which are within your power to change things.

And the ability to overcome these challenges develops our character outside of them.

There have been times in my life where I felt crush and it was if everything was falling down around me.

But it felt like the first time I loaded 400lbs on a barbell on my shoulders. It felt like I was crushing under it’s weight. . . but it went up!

I remember being nervous in all sorts of situations like job interviews, business deals, dates, etc.

But I remembered that I was nervous when I was getting ready to fight in a cage against another person in physical combat and it came out alright.

And surely this job interview could be no worse than an MMA fight right?

The challenges we face on the mats and in the weight room change us at the core. It’s why I think the training inside our gym is so powerful for someone. 

It’s not just about being a bad ass fighter or a muscle bound lifter.

I mean those things are pretty cool. . .

But when you’re not fighting anymore and when your muscles begin to leave you. You’re left with the strong character that you developed through those challenges.

If you’re ready to a daily dose of healthy challenges and coaches and teammates to help you along the way. 

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