Women’s Brazilian Jiujitsu Class (Starts Nov 1st)

Women's Brazilian Jiujitsu Match

Women’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Class Starting November 1st, 2017

Recently several of our female Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners competed in an all female submission only tournament. Which is super cool. A submission only tournament is where the BJJ competitors roll with one another until one successfully achieves a hold of some sort. Choke hold, arm lock, leg lock, etc.

As a coach I’m very proud of all our or women and their courage to get out there and compete in the spotlight like they did. One of our BJJ Blue Belts was one of the competitors at the U.G.I All Female Submission Only No Gi grappling tournament.

Madison, who is known for being incredibly aggressive with top pressure along with having a strong college wrestling background played this match a little different than normal. During the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu / No Gi Grappling match. She used her top pressure to attack with an ankle lock instead of the grinding guard passing she usually does.

The match was a fast one and she was able to come away with the win during her women’s Brazilian Jiujitsu match. We’re super proud of her accomplishment.

Women’s Brazilian Jiujitsu Class in Louisville, KY

Also, I wanted to share something really awesome with you! If you’re a woman living in Louisville, KY and are interested in Brazilian Jiujitsu. Our gym Derby City MMA has a women’s only class starting on November 1st (Wednesday) at 7pm!

Click here to sign up for the Women’s Only Class

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has a number of different benefits. Ranging from the ability to develop more physical confidence, building skills and abilities that can be used for self defense along with giving someone an amazing outlet for stress. Couple those things with the fact that you develop close friendships with the community of training partners you have around you and it’s just an overall amazing experience.

If you would like to take part in our Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Class coming up on November, 1st 2017. Then click here and sign up on the next page and we will contact you back with more details! 

Our competitors from the Women's Brazilian Jiujitsu tournament 2

I hope to see you there!


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