Try a Beginner Class Even If You’re Out Of Shape

Are you interested in trying a beginners class but keep putting it off because you’re a little out of shape?

This is one of the more common hang ups for most people when it comes to starting at our gym in Louisville, Ky.


So many people are interested in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Crossfit, etc. But they put it off because they are out of shape. In some cases, they put it off to get in shape first. . . before they begin.


Our head BJJ coach did a video recently on his Youtube channel talking about this very subject. In the video he talks about training even though you’re out of shape.


Watch it below to see his thoughts on starting training out of shape. 



To help people get acclimated to the whole training process more smoothly. We offer several different beginner classes. Where we focus on the basics and introduce you to our training.

These beginner classes are great for people who have never trained BJJ, Boxing or Crossfit before.

Reviews from People Who Tried A Beginner Class

I’ve also included a few reviews we recently received on Facebook which were from people who were nervous about starting. But then, as they said it, took the plunge. And loved it.

tried out a beginner class


beginner class member


So if you’re out of shape. Don’t worry about it. If you’re interested in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Crossfit, etc. Don’t wait! Take the first step. You can sign up on our website and we’ll contact you about doing your first beginner class.

Hope to see you soon!