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“I get to see my wife again thanks to what I learned from Derby City”

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Tim, Age 30

I’ve been a correctional officer for Louisville Metro for years and we don’t carry weapons on the job. In the jail it’s just you and the inmates. Recently, my partner needed to extract a prisoner from his cell, which is a normal everyday thing, but when my partner opened the cell he was punched in the face by the inmate, knocking him completely unconscious. I knew I had to come to his rescue.

I ran over to save my partner and the inmate turned, ducked his head, and came running toward me – believe me, this is the kind of event correctional officers have nightmares about. My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training kicked in. Without thinking, I grabbed the inside collar of his jump suit, positioned my hands as I was taught in class and began to choke him. The inmate went unconscious almost instantly. I honestly feel the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training from Derby City saved my life.

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“Do You Want the Best Training Money Can Buy? Then You NEED to Train with the BEST Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor in Louisville”
tavares, bjj, brazilian jiu jitsuRenato Tavares is a World Champion Jiu Jitsu Competitor known the around the globe. Renato has been personally coaching our own superstar Nick “Chewy” Albin for years – in fact, he gave him his black belt. Renato says “Believe me, if you want the best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu instruction that money can buy look no further.  Derby City is the place for you”!
Chewy has made several Pan Am World Champions and is an IBJJF gold medalist. I come to Derby City several times a year to train Chewy and work with his students personally. I know most of the instructors around – we’re a pretty tight community. I guarantee you there is no other Brazilian Jiu jitsu instructor in Louisville that comes close to the knowledge and skill level that Chewy has. Whether you want to get in shape, have fun or become a World Champion like me, then training at Derby City should be YOUR CHOICE.

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“With no prior training experience College student loses over 100+ pounds in record time by training at Derby City!”

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Hi I’m Ben I was extremely over weight but didn’t know how to get the weight off I had tried everything but nothing seemed to work after finding Derby City it took me 6 months before deciding to try it for free because I was so nervous but after the very first class I was hooked I realized there was nothing to worry about everyone was extremely friendly and helped me in accomplishing my goals. I wish I hadn’t waited to start but  soon after training at Derby City the weight started dropping off quickly and before I knew it I had lost over 100 pounds Thank you Derby City. I would highly recommend anyone wanting to lose weight, get in shape, or just have fun to not wait like I did and come try Derby City for free.

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“…With only 6 months of Brazilian jiu-jitsu training I placed 3rd in the WORLD”brazilian, jiu jitsu, martial arts, training, 3rd place
Hi I’m Ashley I recently moved to Louisville for a nursing job but moving to a new town had its draw backs I had no family or friends here in Louisville I had to find something to do with my spare time so I looked into local gyms in the area,soon after I found Derby City MMA and with no prior experience feel in love with Brazilian jiu jitsu.
Everyone at the gym was super nice and made me feel like part of the family. After training at Derby City for only six months I flew to California to compete and placed 3rd in the World Brazilian jiu jitsu Championships! I would highly recommend men or women to come try out Derby City!
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“With no prior M.M.A experience and only 7 months of training at Derby City I became a M.M.A Champion”
mixed martial arts, mma, champion”Hey guys I’m Kevan and its true I had no Mixed Martial Arts experience before starting at Derby City M.M.A but after I started training the coaches showed me the step by step process program on how to win. Soon after with only 7 months of training I fought for a title and became a M.M.A champion!”


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“Against all odds seventeen year old kid defeats much larger opponent to become Double gold Pan Am World Champion!”

jiu jitsu, brazilian jiu jitsu, champion, louisville

Hey I’m Chad I started training Brazilian Jiujitsu with Chewy only 5 years ago recently after training in the new” tournament team training” sessions that Chewy started I became a double gold Pan Am World Champion beating everyone in my division and opponents in the absolute weight division that outweighed me by 40 pounds! I would highly recommend anyone wanting to learn self-defense, get in shape or wanting to become a Pan Am Champion to come try out Derby City for FREE!

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“With health at risk Louisville native changes his life forever by losing over 52 pounds in only 90 days training at Derby City!”
“Hey guys I’m Big Ben ,at least that’s what my friends used to call me lol, I had been over weight for over 10 years now and with my health at risk I decide I needed to change the way I was headed. I had tried other gyms to try to take the weight off but nothing seems to work until I found Derby City. I decided to start there free trial and after the first day I was hooked the instructors and training partners I had were awesome nobody made me feel out of place and didn’t make me feel embarrassed to be out of shape. With only 90 days of training at Derby City the weight flew off fast and I lost over 52 pounds and I’m still losing weight and have a great time doing so with all the new friends I’ve made here at Derby City. I would highly recommend anyone that’s fed up with not getting results to join team Derby City”
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“Ex-Army solider remains undefeated in his PRO Mixed Martial Arts career by training at Derby City M.M.A”
mma, mixed martial arts, career, training, louisville“Hey guys I’m Brandon I spent several years in the military always wanting to pursue my passion for Mixed Martial Arts getting back from being deployed in Afghanistan I was stationed at Ft. Knox. I found Derby City M.M.A and immediately started pursuing my combat sports dream. Since then I have remained a undefeated Professional M.M.A competitor thanks to the training I received from the coaches at Derby City M.M.A!”
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“34 year olds dreams come true by becoming Brazilian jiu jitsu Pan Am World Champion in only 90 days by training at Derby City!”
brazilian, jiu jitsu, pan am, world champion“Hi I’m Justin I had been training Brazilian jiu jitsu for a couple years at a local gym but wanted to take my training to the next level I dreamed of becoming a Pan Am Brazilian jiu jitsu World champion so I decided to start training at Derby City and I’m glad I did. After 90 days of training with Chewy and there jiu jitsu team my dreams came true and I became a Brazilian jiu jitsu Pan Am World Champion! That being said You’re never too old to start training or to pursue your dreams I would highly recommend anyone interested in changing there life for the better to come join team Derby City.
(Your individual results may vary)

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(Your individual results may vary)