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Look no further!

Mixed Martial Arts Instructors.If you’re going to invest your time and effort in MMA training, you want to work with the best instructors. Whether you want to get in the best shape of your life and have fun in the process, or you’re looking to compete at the highest levels, we’re your gym.

Derby City pioneered MMA in Louisville. We started in 1996, back in the ‘old days’ before The Ultimate Fighter made MMA a household word. There are a lot of schools that claim to teach Mixed Martial Arts, but their instructors aren’t high level fighters who have competed in – and won – competitions around the globe.


Derby City Instructors are PROVEN CHAMPIONS!

We practice what we preach. We keep ourselves in competition and up-to-date. You can rest assured you are learning from the best and what you learn here is exactly what the best fighters from around the globe are learning – and practicing – on a daily basis. MEET OUR INSTRUCTORS


Whatever your age, background, gender or level of fitness or ability, I bet we’ve trained people just like you. We pride ourselves on working personally with each student to help you achieve YOUR goals – whatever they may be. Our satisfaction comes from seeing our students become better every day and grow together as a team.

You can start with no experience – even if you’re not in shape, or never have been. You can realize quick results and the added benefit of camaraderie; working with people at all skill levels who’ve ‘got your back’ and are all about seeing you succeed in your goals. That’s important to us at Derby City. We want you to feel at home on your very first visit. That means everyone is welcome and you’ll never find an ‘insider’ environment. You don’t have to prove yourself to fit in. You fit in by having a great attitude, just like all our students and instructors.

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“With no prior M.M.A experience and only 7 months of training at Derby City I became a M.M.A Champion”An MMA Champion Fighter

”Hey guys I’m Kevan and its true I had no Mixed Martial Arts experience before starting at Derby City M.M.A but after I started training the coaches showed me the step by step process program on how to win Soon after with only 7 months of training I fought for a title and became a M.M.A champion!”

(Your individual results may vary)


At Louisville’s Premier Mixed Martial Arts Gym, you’ll learn the most effective stand-up and ground fighting techniques. You’ll learn the martial arts used by professional fighters the world over – including Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Boxing, Wrestling and authentic Muay Thai Kickboxing. We teach ONLY the most effective and proven techniques.


If you want to compete, we can get you ready. However, know that 90% of our students ARE NOT INTERESTED IN COMPETITION.

No one will ever pressure you to compete. We’re here to meet your needs.

It doesn’t matter to us if the only person you’re competing with is yourself and your desire to reach your fitness goals. Our certified coaches can help you get in the best shape of your life – as quickly as you want to go.

We work with people that want to get in shape, learn self-defense or compete in Mixed Martial Arts. We have programs for people at EVERY level.  We promise – whatever your goals – training with us will be fun, motivating and will change your life for the better. At Derby City – anyone can get in shape like a high level athlete.


Besides what you’ve already learned – about our environment and philosophy, you need to know that Derby City MMA has a proven curriculum.

Lots of gyms make it up as they go along. Not us.

We offer the best and most comprehensive fitness and self defense instruction available in Louisville. I believe that so strongly, I’ll give you $1000 in cold, hard cash if you can prove otherwise.


Some students want to learn quickly and move through the ranks – to compete or for any other reason.

Our Training Program is designed to make you great – fast!

You’ll have U.F.C. AND Bellator trainers assigned to work with you so you can move at lightning speed to the next level of fitness and combat sports. Your trainers will monitor your physical fitness, body weight and your personal nutritional needs.  They will work hands-on with you through the combat sport of your choice and make sure you have exactly what you need to get quick results using our custom “Combat Sports Progression Tracking System.” 

You’ll have your own U.F.C. and Bellator fighter as your personal coach!  If quick results are what you’re after, our Training Program is a perfect fit.

(Your individual results may vary)

“Training at Derby City M.M.A, ex-Army solider remains undefeated in his PRO Mixed Martial Arts career”

I spent several years in the military wanting to pursue my passion for Mixed Martial Undefeated Mixed Martial Artist.Arts. When I returned from being deployed in Afghanistan I was stationed at Ft. Knox.

I found Derby City M.M.A and immediately started pursuing my combat sports dream.

Since then I have remained an undefeated Professional M.M.A competitor thanks to the training I received from the coaches at Derby City M.M.A! Being stationed at Ft. Knox turned out to be one of the luckiest things that could’ve happened to me. There aren’t a lot of gyms around like Derby City.”

(Your individual results may vary)

I Want a NO RISK FREE Trial Session – We promise you no hype, no pressure – it’s not our style.  Our gym is about community.

You’ll feel welcome and comfortable the minute you walk through the door.  Come experience the Derby City MMA difference.  Our students LOVE our gym and we really care about the experience you have here.  You’ll know right away if it’s for you.  We’re so convinced that getting here is the hardest step – after all- we all procrastinate, especially about change – that we’re willing to make it so EASY you’ll say YES right now.

(Your individual results may vary)