This Louisville MMA Does Things a Little Different

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Louisville MMA Gym 4th of July Party

At Derby City MMA in Louisville, Ky. We not only train together. But we also have a great community atmosphere. This is probably one of the reasons that so many people in the Louisville area looking for a gym come to us to do Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Crossfit and the strength training programs we offer.

When people come to our Louisville MMA gym. Often the idea of an MMA gym is intimidating. But really, MMA just means Mixed Martial Arts and that’s because we mix up several martial arts styles.

And so when people come into our gym and feel very welcomed and invited. It changes everything. Because going to a gym and training can enjoyable for sure. But training with amazing people that you enjoy being around is even better. Being connected to a group is something that we all want as humans and the connected atmosphere of our gym definitely delivers in that area.

Louisville MMA Gym 4th Party

This past weekend our MMA gym as well as our CrossFit affiliate had a 4th of July party for all of our members and it was a blast.

We did everything from eat burgers and play cornhole, to enjoying one of our member’s homemade craft beer. Oh and we almost blew each other up with fireworks. Just kidding. . . well sorta.

Anyways, we hope you had a good (and safe) 4th of July. And if you’re ever interested in training Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Crossfit, Strength Training, or if you ever want to be in a place where you feel connected to a group that is pushing each other to get better. Then come by and try out a free class with us.

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