Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Team Shines At Submission Only Tournament

Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Team at UGI

This weekend our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu team had some fantastic performances at the UGI grappling competition.


Last weekend 5 of our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitors stepped up to compete in a super match style Bjj competition. Our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu program here at Derby City MMA put 3 Blue Belts, 1 Brown Belt and 1 Black Belt on the mats that day.


The rules for the tournament were simple. The competitors had 6-8 minutes to submit their opponent. If neither was able to submit the other then the match was declared a draw.

During the day we had 2 submissions and 3 draws. But even the draws showed some very close attempts that nearly finished the match. Like during Patricks match where he nearly had a knee bar finish.


Here are the Brazilian Jiujitsu matches from this weekend!


Patrick Bliss UGI Match


Seth Ritchie UGI Match


Madison Haycraft UGI Match


Matt Harrison UGI Match


Chad Hardy UGI Match


Premier Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Team

One thing that can be said about Derby City MMA is that we have the most active and most decorated team for Brazilian Jiujitsu in Louisville. No team has won more medals, produced more BJJ champions and is as active as ours. This is a direct reflection of the team atmosphere our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu gym has.  We train hard and push one another to better, but it’s done always with the understanding that we are a team and we are working together to build everyone up.

If you’re interested in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or even being a part of a big team and community. Than our BJJ program is for you. We have excellent coaches ready to build you up the right way and your teammates are some of the most awesome people you’ll ever meet.

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Hope to see you join myself and the team on the mats!


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