Louisville BJJ Competition Team Wins at NAGA

Louisville BJJ Competition Team
Louisville BJJ Competition Team

Louisville BJJ Competition Team After The Competition

Louisville BJJ Competition Team Wins at NAGA 2017

Derby City MMA in Louisville, Ky is home to the areas most active Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition team. Every weekend it seems like we have some competition going on somewhere. Recently our team was in Cincinnati competing at the NAGA Brazilian Jiujitsu competition.

When we arrived to the tournament. The building it was held in was incredibly hot and muggy. Outside it was a beautiful bright and sunny 85 degree day. Inside of the building it was closer to 90 and the heat of all the bodies created this nasty hot stickiness. If you look at the team picture below, you’ll see my shirt was absolutely soaked in sweat. It looked like I had jumped into the pool! So when it was time to get the BJJ matches going, it didn’t take much to get warmed up.


Louisville BJJ Beginner Wins

Louisville BJJ Beginner Wins At His 1st Tournament

Beginner Wins At 1st BJJ Tournament

Even some of our brand new beginners were able to win medals at their very 1st competition! One such person was John John who joined us several months ago. Along with losing a ton of weight and getting in better shape. He was able to snag some wins and medals at his very 1st BJJ competition. His video is below.


Louisville BJJ Brothers Win

Brothers win BJJ tournament together

Brothers Win Together

Another cool moment came from 2 our students who are brothers. They both won their expert no gi divisions. Sporting two super cool belts at the competition. They both showed great displays of takedowns, control on the ground and athleticism. And it’s super cool to see two brothers, both by blood and by training, win together. Their matches are below.

Great Performance By Our Louisville BJJ Team

All in all it was a great performance by all of our competitors that day. And if my memory serves me correctly. Everyone of our competitors placed in the tournament that day which is impressive. So enjoy the videos and keep a look out for more of our competitions matches. Also, if you want to join us and be apart of the team! Then click on the link below and come try a FREE class today!
Louisville BJJ Comp Team DC Hands

Louisville BJJ Team DC Hands After The Tournament




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