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As we all know sometimes change takes some getting used to – but it is almost always for the better.  I see that happening right now with the Derby City Kickboxing program – out with the old and in with the new as they say.

Coach Brent Weedman brings a completely different style of kick-boxing to DCMAA and although it is one I am very familiar with – if you haven’t been in a Dutch Style gym before some things might seem quite foreign.

Crisp hard American boxing combinations, nasty leg kicks, and lots and lots of footwork is a very basic overview of the style (and hard work, all the time).  “Catching” drills on the gloves and shin-pads will take some getting used to for most people and is really a skill all in itself.

As someone who is now in the 12th year of dabbling in this sport – it makes a WORLD of difference when someone knows how to be a good drilling partner.

Brent Weedman - DCMMA's new head kickboxing coach

Brent Weedman – DCMMA’s new head kickboxing coach

Coach Weedman and I had a brief conversation last-night after class about the starry eyed up-and-comers and where some people fall short.  If you love combat sports – be it wrestling/kick-boxing/bjj/sambo etc – try and be a student of the entire fight game, not just what you enjoy watching on the weekends.

Educate yourself on the greats of the sports you love  if you want to improve – past, present and future.  Always be learning – the moment you shut that off is the moment you stop improving.

We very lightly introduced the low kick to some people last-night – especially in the live drill style of catching and checking.  Remember to take it easy, breathe and try not get frustrated.  None of this comes overnight – it takes YEARS to learn properly and decades to perfect.

A Checklist of things you’ll eventually need for Kickboxing at DCMMA:

  • 16 oz. Boxing Gloves
  • Hand-wraps
  • Shin-pads (Thai or Dutch Style)
  • Mouthpiece
  • Groin Protection

If you have questions about any of this be it sourcing, price, styles etc – please ask Coach Weedman and he will be happy to help you out.

I will leave you with a highlight from one of my all time favorite practitioner’s of Kickboxing – Ernesto Hoost.  He as well as anyone who has ever competed in the sport utilized leg kicks to their maximum ability to neutralize and end fights.



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