Derby City MMA offers world class

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training

Nick “Chewy” Albin – Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt and Head Brazilian   Jiu-Jitsu Instructor at Derby City Mixed Martial Arts

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ?

Simply put Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is a ground based martial art which uses leverage and technique to control an opponent. This was designed by the Gracie family so that a smaller person could be able to effectively defend themselves. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu is useful in a fight or self defense situation and it also contains a rich competitive community.

Why do people train Brazilian Jiu jitsu ?

Along with being an incredibly effective martial art and form of self defense. Brazilian Jiu jitsu also provides people with a number of different benefits. Everything from improved health, fitness and stress relief, to meeting new people and becoming part of a team. Oftentimes people start Brazilian Jiu jitsu because they are interested in learning the martial art and later find that it has an incredibly positive effect on their whole life.

These intangibles, along with the ability to defend yourself, get incredibly fit and feel great physically, are all reasons to come in and see how Jiu Jitsu can work for you.

Do I need to be in shape before I start Brazilian Jiu jitsu ?

Whether you’re experienced and in great shape, or brand new – we’ve got a class for you at Derby City.

We have classes designed for everyone. From a complete beginner to someone who’s preparing for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu  competition.

Why do people train Brazilian Jiu jitsu at Derby City?

We have students from all over Louisville and the surrounding area (some drive over an hour to get here). Many of them have tried other gyms but still train here. When we ask them why they chose Derby City, they tell us that it’s because of how friendly everyone is and the high quality training.

At Derby City we do our best to make people feel at home and welcome from day 1. We also try to provide the best and most complete training experience possible. Whether someone is wanting to be in shape, learn self defense, meet new friends, has competition goals or whatever else it may be. It’s our mission to help people achieve those goals.

You’ll also notice that our head instructors are on the mats daily which makes for a strong community atmosphere, rather than just a training experience in itself. This also ensures you the best training possible.

After training Brazilian Jiu jitsu at Derby City it feels more like a community and team, rather than just training a martial art.

We offer a Risk Free Trial. Become a part of a team, get into the best shape of your life, learn effective self defense and join an amazing community.

Start your journey in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu today!

Tim’s Story: The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training at Derby City Saved My Life!

Life saving Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training.

I’ve been a correctional officer for Louisville Metro for years and we don’t carry weapons on the job. In the jail it’s just you and the inmates. Recently, my partner needed to extract a prisoner from his cell, which is a normal everyday thing, but when my partner opened the cell he was punched in the face by the inmate, knocking him completely unconscious. I knew I had to come to his rescue.

I ran over to save my partner and the inmate turned, ducked his head, and came running toward me – believe me, this is the kind of event correctional officers have nightmares about.  My Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training kicked in. Without thinking, I grabbed the inside collar of his jump suit, positioned my hands as I was taught in class and began to choke him. The inmate went unconscious almost instantly. I honestly feel the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training from Derby City saved my life.

(Your individual results may vary)

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is about being a part of a community

Whether you want to get in great shape, compete or learn one of the most comprehensive self-defense arts on the planet, we have classes designed for specifically for you. If you’re looking to get fit, learn self-defense or compete at any level, you want to train with the very best.

Derby City has the top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team in the entire state of Kentucky. Our BJJ and Mixed Martial Arts training programs have led many of our members to numerous victories at all levels of competition, amateur and professional.  But, don’t worry that you’ll even be pressured to compete – that won’t happen here.

Worried Jiu Jitsu Might not be for You?

I’ve heard people say they think grappling is WAY TOO HARD and they’re hesitant to give it a try. Why? They mistakenly think that someone is going beat them up or make them feel left out because they’re new. That couldn’t be more WRONG!

First and foremost Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is FUN. It doesn’t require any previous experience. ANYONE can do it – big or small, young or old, flexible, inflexible, experienced or brand new – literally ANYONE.

My Invitation to You

Even if you’ve never thought about Martial Arts training, I urge you to come in and see (or try!) our program for yourself. I guarantee that you’ll absolutely love it – you might be surprised by how much. And, it’s an incredible way to reach all your fitness goals.

I promise you a friendly, welcoming environment where you’ll get the best training money can buy from the mostly highly certified coaches in the field. You’ll get world class instruction and personal attention you’ll feel great about.

At Derby City, we use a curriculum – lots of places make it up as they go along. We work with you to set short, medium and long range goals and then devise a specific plan for reaching them and we help you every step of the way.

You owe it to yourself to stop in and see how Derby City can help you get in the best shape of your life.

I Want a NO RISK FREE Trial Session – We promise you no hype, no pressure – it’s not our style.  Our gym is about community.

You’ll feel welcome and comfortable the minute you walk through the door.  Come experience the Derby City MMA difference.  Our students LOVE our gym and we really care about the experience you have here.  You’ll know right away if it’s for you.  We’re so convinced that getting here is the hardest step – after all- we all procrastinate, especially about change – that we’re willing to make it so EASY you’ll say YES right now.