The top 7 reasons why Derby City M.M.A is the most state of the art Mixed Martial Arts training facility in Kentuckiana!….


Reason #1 Huge Boxing and Kickboxing area with more Heavy bags than any other gym in the city!

Boxing and Kickboxing area  

Over 25 100 pound 6ft heavy bags in the gym!
8 sets of Thai pads
50 Jump Ropes
2 Round timers
4 Medicine balls
8 sets of Focus Mitts
Commercial grade Speed Bag
Over 2500 square feet of Mat space cover the gym.

Reason #2 Real Full Sized Boxing Ring!

Boxing Area        

Everlast 16ft Boxing Ring
12 foot mirrors for shadow boxing
Custom rubber flooring

Reason #3 Private training area for kids with plenty of seating for adults!

Kids Brazilian Jiu Jitsu area

Seating for 64 Adults
1200 sqft of Mat space
Wall padding on all sides

Reason #4 Massive mat area with wall padding for Brazilian Jiu jitsu training

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling area

2500 sqft Mats
Wall padding on both sides
Separate sound system

Reason #5 The only Real full sized octagon available in the city is in our gym!

Mixed Martial Arts area

16ft Combat Sports Octagon
Loaner gloves available
Striking shields
Ground-n-Pound bags

Reason #6 Private weight training room for personal training and boot camps with over 5000 pounds of weights!

Weight lifting and Boot Camp area

Concept 2 rower
8 man pull up station
3x weight benches
5x Olympic bars
2x curl bars
10x Kettlebells
Dumbbell rack from 5-90 pounds!
Battle ropes
Climbing rope
Push sled
Over 5000 pounds of plates!

Reason #7 Fully stocked pro shop with all the gear you will need for training.

PRO Shop

Boxing gloves
M.M.A gloves
M.M.A shorts
Kick Boxing shin guards
Mouth piece
180’ hand wraps
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi’s (white or blue)
Derby City patches
Gift Certificates
Protein Shakes
Bottled water

Plus for your convenience…

2 sets of Men’s bathrooms
500 sqft Men’s changing room
2 sets of Women’s bathrooms
350 sqft Women’s changing room


I Want a NO RISK FREE Trial Session – We promise you no hype, no pressure – it’s not our style.  Our gym is about community.

You’ll feel welcome and comfortable the minute you walk through the door.  Come experience the Derby City MMA difference.  Our students LOVE our gym and we really care about the experience you have here.  You’ll know right away if it’s for you.  We’re so convinced that getting here is the hardest step – after all- we all procrastinate, especially about change – that we’re willing to make it so EASY you’ll say YES right now.

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