It’s a Different Experience at This Louisville Gym

outdoor Louisville gym workout

Along with offering the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing and Crossfit that any Louisville gym has to offer. Our facility also offers such a different experience than the rest. One of those is just workouts that fun!

Like this workout. Recently our head Crossfit coach (Grindhouse Crossfit), head Brazilian Jiujitsu coach (Chewy) and a couple of the members from different programs got together for a fun outdoor workout. Why this is important is that enjoyable workouts with great people is one of the things that will help most people reach their goals, rather than fall short of them.

The workout was a combination of a Sled Push, Sandbag Run, a Run and then a short rest. This one had the legs burning and really pushed the gas tank. Below is a short video of the workout from our BJJ coaches Youtube channel!


A Different Type of Louisville Gym

Many people have tried regular workouts at regular gyms and for so many they just don’t work. And then after they’ve failed at those gyms. They often make their way to our facility which is a different type of Louisville gym.


We have all the same stuff you’d expect in regards to exercise equipment. But on top of that we have coaches guiding all of our members through the motions and teaching them. Combine that with an amazing community of people who are all in it together pushing one another. And you have a completely different experience than the one had at most traditional gyms. And that’s why I say our Louisville gym is just different.


We have members of all ages. Kids in our kids classes and older people in our fitness classes. We also have tons of young people pushing their bodies to compete in our BJJ and Boxing program. But we’re all in it together. It’s such a neat experience to be a part of, and it’s hard to understand it until you see it for yourself.

So if you’re interested in having the direction of a world class coach, being a part of a positive and uplifting atmosphere and getting into the best shape of your life. Then take the first step and sign up for your 1st Free Class! 

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