Try a Beginner Class Even If You’re Out Of Shape

Are you interested in trying a beginners class but keep putting it off because you’re a little out of shape?

This is one of the more common hang ups for most people when it comes to starting at our gym in Louisville, Ky.


So many people are interested in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Crossfit, etc. But they put it off because they are out of shape. In some cases, they put it off to get in shape first. . . before they begin.


Our head BJJ coach did a video recently on his Youtube channel talking about this very subject. In the video he talks about training even though you’re out of shape.


Watch it below to see his thoughts on starting training out of shape. 



To help people get acclimated to the whole training process more smoothly. We offer several different beginner classes. Where we focus on the basics and introduce you to our training.

These beginner classes are great for people who have never trained BJJ, Boxing or Crossfit before.

Reviews from People Who Tried A Beginner Class

I’ve also included a few reviews we recently received on Facebook which were from people who were nervous about starting. But then, as they said it, took the plunge. And loved it.

tried out a beginner class


beginner class member


So if you’re out of shape. Don’t worry about it. If you’re interested in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Crossfit, etc. Don’t wait! Take the first step. You can sign up on our website and we’ll contact you about doing your first beginner class.

Hope to see you soon!


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black belt Promotion

Chad Hardy Promoted To Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt

Chad Hardy Being Promoted To Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt

This is a video of our head instructor Nick “Chewy” Albin promoting Chad Hardy to Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu.

If you would like to fast forward to the speech and Black Belt promotion. It starts at 3:20.

This video came from our recent promotions and was by far one of the most powerful and meaningful moments I’ve ever had as a coach.

Promoting not only a crop of tough people to Purple and Brown Belt. But also promoting my “little brother” Chad Hardy to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Black Belt.


Brazilian Jiu-jitsu from 11-21

I’ve known Chad since he was 11 years old. I’ve had the pleasure of removing his original White Belt and have had the pleasure of tying on the belts he’s received after. I’ve also had the pleasure of getting to know him incredibly well over the last 10+ years. We even lived together for a while.

As a coach there is no more satisfying a feeling then to see the fruits of your labor realized in front of you. I’ve watched Chad grow as a person. From a young kid to a surprisingly mature young man.

He’s battled and won more competition than I can count. As a competitor he’s always been amazing to watch and an inspiration to the people inside the gym.

And as an instructor and a fixture in our gym he’s turned into someone that is all about building up those around him. Something equally impressive and admirable.

This will certainly not be one of my more popular videos but it is a glimpse into our gym ( Derby City MMA ) and what we are all about.

We all love competition. But at the end of the day we are in this because we feel apart of a team and want to grow with each other.
And for those of you who follow me. I know I ramble on in my videos a lot. As I do in person. But you can at least be sure that anything I say in the videos is what I believe. Regardless if you disagree with my philosophy in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. I assure you it’s 100% genuine.

– Chewy



Train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Louisville with No Experience

brazilian jiu-jitsu in louisvilleYou Don’t Have To Fight To Train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu In Louisville

Eugene is your average guy in his 30s. A growing family, a career and 2 dogs that leave accidents on his floor.


Watch the video and see how training Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Louisville relives his stress, gives him an outlet for his physical energy and allows him to be a part of a vibrant community. You’ll also learn how Eugene went from never competing in a 1 on 1 sport to getting his hand raised during his first competition.


In this short interview, what I hope to share with you is that you don’t have to be a fighter or competitor to train Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. While we definitely train people who decide to compete. But it’s not required. Our goal as coaches is to build up our members regardless of their aspirations.

This is a worry that many people have when they begin training. They are so nervous and worried about starting because they believe they need to be fighters in order to train. But this couldn’t be any further from the truth. You don’t have to be a fighter or competitor to train Martial Arts.

After watching the video above, I hope you understand that you can begin your training without having any experience or having to be a fighter.

If you’re interested in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Louisville, KY. Check out our gym Derby City MMA in Louisville, KY.

Click here to find more information about our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 

If you click the link and fill out the form. We will send you a Free Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Ebook to prepare you for your first class as well as schedule you to try a beginners only class for Brazilian Jiu-jitsu in Louisville.

If you have any questions about the martial arts training at Derby City. You can also call us at 502-937-8797.




Does Derby City MMA Have Beginner Classes?

Does Derby City MMA have Beginner Classes?

Beginner classesOne of the most commonly asked questions we get at Derby City MMA is whether or not we offer beginner classes or if someone needs experience before they start.

The short answer to this question is that, Yes we do offer beginner class in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Crossfit and more. And no, you do not need any experience whatsoever before you begin training at Derby City.

As I share with people our coaches are in the business of building people up. Not tearing them down. So when people come in from all around Louisville to train martial arts. That’s exactly what we do. We build them up.

We do our best to help them reach goals and do things they never thought they could.

If you decide to try out one of our beginner classes. Here’s what you can expect. . .

  • Being introduced to the techniques and movements on the most basic level and slowly being nudged forward to advanced.
  • Being able to adjust and scale the training to your needs and level of experience or fitness.
  • A welcoming environment of professional coaches and helpful members.
  • Other beginners at the same level as you training. (Yep you won’t be the only one)


So if you live in the Louisville, KY area and you’re interested in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Crossfit or Children’s Martial Arts.

I invite you to come out to Derby City MMA and try a free class. You can experience the gym for yourself. See if you like it, and then go from there. It’s risk free with absolutely no obligation.

You can click on one of the boxes around our website to schedule a Free class or just give us a call at 502-937-8797.







Louisville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Best Louisville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training

Louisville BJJ Training At Derby City MMA

Here is a short highlight of some of the Louisville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training at Derby City MMA.

This is just a normal day during one of our advanced classes of BJJ training. This was a moderate level training class.

During the BJJ training class I urged the students to push themselves. We were only rolling for 18 minutes total (3 rounds of 6 minutes with 30 seconds rest). So really is not that much rolling. Most people who’ve trained Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for any length of time can do that.

But what I wanted them to get from it was the idea of sprinting. Instead of conserving energy and constantly preparing for the next round. Open up and go full speed to the best of your abilities for 6 minutes. Then do it again and again.

I wanted the students to push themselves. To get to the point where their body was tired and they were huffing and puffing.


Largest Louisville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Program

This drive to push ourselves and make ourselves better is what has made us the largest Louisville Brazilian Jiu Jitsu program in the area.

A lot of times in our training. We might feel like we are hitting our max capacity. Often though, we are only using a fraction of what we are capable of.

By fighting through this discomfort a person is able to realize what they are really capable of. This challenging but uplifting atmosphere is one of the reason so many people continue to train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Derby City MMA.


If you live in Louisville, KY or ever find yourself in Louisville and want to train Brazilian Jiu jitsu. Our doors are always welcome to newcomers and visitors.

If you have any question about getting started. Just give us a call 502-937-8797

Or Click here to Sign Up For A Free Class Online





Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Builds Self-Confidence And Bullyproof Smaller Child

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Builds Self-Confidence And Bullyproof Smaller Child

Robert Schultz brought his son Zach into Derby City MMA in Louisville, Ky back in 2013 to build self-confidence essentially bullyproof him.

Like many parent’s he was looking to get his child into something to develop self-confidence, build physical abilities and prevent bullying. Because as Rob shares, being bullying can be a terrible experience. When filming this video it felt powerful to hear Rob share that because you can tell, it’s something that bothered him at some point in his own life. I share the experience of being bullied when I was younger and it’s one of the reasons I’m so passionate about teaching kids martial arts.

Zach has definitely built self-confidence during his training. But what Rob didn’t realize was that it would change Zach’s life. These are the words he used to share regarding the impact Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and the training offered at Derby City MMA has had on Zach. I think anyone who has ever dedicated themselves to something will talk about the powerful effect that confidence can have.

Not only has the training made his son physically and mentally stronger, but it’s also opened doors that he never thought would be opened.

Watch the video and hear Rob and Zach’s full story. Of how Brazilian Jiu-jitsu built self-confidence and was able to bullyproof a young child

Perhaps, you’re a parent looking for an effective martial art to enroll your child into. You owe it to yourself and to your child to check out Derby City MMA. We have different martial arts programs for your child. But our mission is always the same. To develop your child mentally and physically.

If you’re interested in helping your child become mentally and physically stronger and more confident. Then put your information in one of the boxes on the website or call 502-937-8797 and we will be happy to assist you.


Ask Joe and Chewy : Cheat Meals and Favorite Workout Music

Ask Joe and Chewy : Cheat Meals and Favorite Workout Music


In the first edition of Ask Joe and Chewy we answer a series of questions left for us by our members. While we did have a few serious fitness and exercise related questions. Most were just ridiculous questions. Some of the questions we received this time were about our favorite cheat meals and favorite workout songs and music.

If you have any questions related to fitness, nutrition, martial arts or anything, shoot them over to us via email, Facebook or inside the gym and we will include them in a video.

Also, if you live in the Louisville area and are looking for a fantastic gym built on community and achieving results. Check out our website and set up your free trial today.


Louisville BJJ Team Wins At A.G.C In Ohio


Louisville BJJ Team Wins At A.G.C In Ohio

Last weekend ( September, 12th, 2015) our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team went to Ohio to compete in the American Grappling Challenge. For many of them this was their first BJJ tournament, and they performed amazingly.

Unfortunately we didn’t get all the matches on camera but here are some of the matches from the tournament.

As a coach, my favorite part about this competition was watching so many of these guys get out there for their first BJJ tournament. Many of them were not star athletes but when they were out there competing they looked like monsters. It’s motivating and very satisfying to watch this transformation in the students.

I can’t say enough how cool it is to watch people come into BJJ and develop confidence and abilities that they never thought possible. Brazilian Jiu-jitsu ends up being a catalyst for all sorts of physical and mental development. Anyone who has trained BJJ will attest to this.

If you’re interested in training BJJ or competing. Come check us out. We have the largest BJJ team around and a great group of people. Also, again from a coaching point of view. I love having new people in the gym that I can work with and build into skilled BJJ practitioners. No previous training is required.



Below are some of the matches from the tournament.

Derby City MMA is different than your normal gym

Derby City MMA in Louisville, KY is a unique experience.

I can say from personal experience and those of my students that Derby City MMA is different than any traditional fitness gym that you’ve ever been to in the past.

In the video below I talk about the top 2 reasons I believe Derby City MMA is different than a traditional fitness gym. These differences will help you personally reach your goals whether it’s just get in shape or competition goals.

If you have any questions about our gym, please feel free to give us a call at 502-937-8797. Myself or one of the other coaches are more than happy to help answer your questions.

Hopefully I’ll see  you in the gym soon!


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Easy Meal Prep For Weight Loss



Meal Prep is one of the most important habits to add into your lifestyle in order to achieve the best fitness and performance possible. You’re body is a machine, and just like a machine. If you put good fuel into the machine, it will run very well. Likewise, if you put bad fuel into the tank, don’t expect too much.

After working out or during a busy day if you don’t have food handy, you’re just going to revert to eating bad food. It just happens, we’ve all been there, we’ve all done it.

The best way to avoid the temptation of bad food is to have healthy delicious food readily available. The best way to do this is to meal prep! Meal prep is a staple for most athletes. Basically you prepare your food for the week in advance and you then have all the good stuff you need for the week.

In the video below I show a really really easy way to cook 3lbs of chicken that can be use for the week. The recipe is healthy and delicious which will make it easy to stick with it. Remember just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean the food can’t taste good. Also if you dread eating the food then you’re unlikely to stick with it and reach your weight loss or fitness goals.

Enjoy the video below and if you have any questions or comments, let me know!