Would you like to increase your confidence, lose weight, feel better about yourself and your abilities – not just in the Boxing Gym, but in every aspect of your life? 

Sound like a big promise? Derby City Boxing delivers!

multiple heavy punching bagsBoxing offers a workout that builds mental and physical strength while you learn an effective way to defend yourself on the feet(as opposed to on a mat), and it’s incredibly fun.


(Your individual results may vary)

“Louisville Mother Goes From Nervous Beginner To Successful Amateur Boxer In 1 Year”

(Your individual results may vary)

“College Student with no Prior Experience Loses More than 100 Pounds in Record Time Training at Derby City!”

Before 275 Pounds!

I was extremely over weight and felt like I had tried everything to get the weight off – I just didn’t know how I was going to do it. I felt like I was too young to be so overweight – it was getting in the way of what I wanted to accomplish in my life.

I found Derby City, but it took me 6 months before deciding to try a free workout, because I was so nervous. I was hooked after the first class and I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

After 170 Pounds!

Turns out there was nothing to worry about and everyone was extremely friendly and the trainer knew exactly how to help me accomplish my goals.

The weight started dropping off pretty quickly after I started training and before I knew it had lost over 100 pounds. Thank you Derby City for changing my life! I would highly recommend that if you want to lose weight, get in shape, or just have fun, don’t put it off like I did. Come in and try Derby City for free – look for me and say hello!

(Your individual results may vary)

 Here’s Your Opportunity to Increase Self-Confidence And Feel Better About YOU!

Boxing reduces stress, improves focus and concentration as well your eye and overall physical coordination. You’ll increase your strength, stamina and flexibility as well. All you need to bring is patience, commitment, willpower and your positive attitude. Absolutely no prior experience needed.

(Your individual results may vary)

Our Boxing Instructors Are World Class

Derby City instructors are best in class– credentialed boxers and experienced teachers.Every student gets personal attention – training that meets you exactly

where YOU ARE.

“My Health Was at Risk – I Needed Real Results – Fast. I Changed my Life Forever, Losing 52 Pounds in only 90 Days, Training at Derby City!”

Before: 307 Pounds!“I’m Big Ben, at least that’s what my friends used to call me. I had been over weight for over 10 years. When my doctor told me I was risking my health, I decided I needed to change the way I was headed. I had tried other gyms to take the weight off but nothing seemed to work until I found Derby City. I signed up for their free trial and after the first day I was hooked! The instructors and training partners I had were awesome, nobody made me feel out of place and they didn’t make me feel embarrassed to be out of shape.

After: 255 Pounds!The weight flew off fast and I lost over 52 pounds. I’m still losing weight and I have a great time working out with all the new friends I’ve made at Derby City. I would highly recommend anyone that’s fed up with not getting results to join team Derby City and change that forever.”

(Your individual results may vary)

I Want a NO RISK FREE Trial Session – We promise you no hype, no pressure – it’s not our style.  Our gym is about community.

You’ll feel welcome and comfortable the minute you walk through the door.  Come experience the Derby City MMA difference.  Our students LOVE our gym and we really care about the experience you have here.  You’ll know right away if it’s for you.  We’re so convinced that getting here is the hardest step – after all- we all procrastinate, especially about change – that we’re willing to make it so EASY you’ll say YES right now.

(Your individual results may vary)

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