Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Derby City

I’ve been teaching BJJ since 2005. I started teaching beginner classes for my instructor and have been teaching since then. Now I teach a combination of beginner, advanced, kids and self-defense classes.

Over the years I’ve learned that there really isn’t a typical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ for short) student.

jiu jitsu, team, louisvilleOther sports require a very high level of natural athleticism or certain natural gifts to be successful. For instance in basketball if you aren’t tall, it is highly unlikely that you will achieve any serious success. However, BJJ allows people of all shapes and sizes to succeed using technique.

This is why in BJJ you can see a 150 pounder beat a 250 pounder. In competitions there are weight classes which match up opponents fairly.

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Derby City MMA Podcast 001

mma, jiu jitsu, louisville, kyDerek Cissel and Brent Weedman discuss Brent’s most recent fight in which he broke his hand, got kneed in the face and basically had a ton of fun.

We also figure out our sound situation and Nick “Chewy” Albin stops by and says nothing decipherable!


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Fitness Fads Exposed: Can you lose 57 pounds in 28 days!?

fitness, weights, weight training, bootcamp, women's bootcamp, health, weigh loss, louisville, ky, training

Every January the desire to be a specimen of peak physical fitness seems to be on everyone’s mind. People with no fitness history wanting to shed a decade of unwanted fat flood the local gym determined that this will be the year they make the big change in their life.   Most of them will pretty quickly find out they don’t quite know how to actually accomplish those goals.

This is where the fads kick in. You’ll see everything from binge dieting plans, pills, shakes, workouts, and equipment promising you all the glorious results you’ve dreamed of, so what do you do?

Buy Buy Buy!!!

Fitness is a billion dollar industry mostly praying on the weak minded soul that cannot climb out of their rut they’ve dug themselves in after years of bad eating, stress, lack of exercise and motivation.

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