Louisville BJJ Competition Team

Louisville Jiu-jitsu Team Wins Big in Cincinnati

It’s no secret that our Louisville Jiu-jitsu Team loves to compete. From our coaches, down to our kids. We have competitors at every age and weight (both male and female).


And in December we took a strong team up to Cincinnati for the IBJJF Cincinnati Open.


During the competition we had numerous stand out performances from our Louisville based Brazilian Jiu-jitsu team.


One in particular (which you can watch below), came from our head coach. Nick Albin, or better known as Chewy! (You can watch his match below and even check out his Chewjitsu YouTube channel here)


During the match, you’ll see a blend of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu along with Wrestling mixed in between. It makes for an exciting and effective style of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu for competitions.


Many of the students inside the gym did the same. (we will be posting their matches soon!)

Louisville BJJ Competition Team

We took 3rd as a team!

After it was all said and done, we took home numerous medals and were left with the 3rd place overall at the competition as part of the Shawn Hammonds Association.

We’re a Louisville Jiu-jitsu Team

One of the qualities you’ll instantly notice when you walk into Derby City MMA is the atmosphere. We do truly consider ourselves a big team.


And even if you’re not into competing. You’ll still be able to feel a part of our Louisville Jiu-jitsu Team. You’ll feel connected!


Everyone wants to feel like they’re part of the team right?

Want to do Jiu-jitsu but You’re New or Nervous?

Are you in the Louisville are and you’d like to start doing Brazilian Jiu-jitsu but maybe you’re a little nervous?


Don’t worry. . . we all were at some point.


But I promise you, you have nothing to worry about. We’re here as coaches to build people up. Step by step. Not tear them down.


If you’re interested in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training. There’s 2 really easy ways to get started!


You can just give us a call at 502-937-8797.


Click here to fill out or contact form and we will call you!

Hopefully, we’ll see you on our mats soon!



We’re probably not what you expect . . .

When you think of people who do Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and CrossFit?

When people come into Derby City MMA. They often have a bit of a misplaced idea of who we are. And this past weekend is a great example of what I mean. 

When people think of MMA, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing and Crossfit. They think of fighting or intense physical exercise. And often, people wrongly assume that people who engage in these activities are a “certain” way.

You know what I mean. . .

People think that because someone does MMA or Boxing that they’re going to be aggressive or maybe even mean.

And if you lift heavy weights, you’re probably going to be a big dumb meathead. . .

But nothing could be further from the truth!

We’re Not What You Expect

This past weekend, our Boxers, Brazilian Jiujitsu and CrossFit members came together to do something really cool.

Raise toys for local families.

Even better, we did it with the help of people from all around the tri-state area.

We had people drive as far away as 3 hours to come to Derby City MMA for the Toy Drive Open Gym to train.

The open gym was done to raise toys for local families involved with The Scholar House Organization. If you’re not familiar, they’re a beautiful organization who help empower families. They assist parents by getting through schooling so that they can develop skills necessary to improve their lives and those of their children.

This was our 3 year running this event and this one was the best yet!

A Sad Event Turn Into Something Special

Something even more powerful was the generosity shown by one of our longtime members family.

Eric, one of our Blue Belts recently passed away.

His daughter (a Blue Belt in BJJ as well) knew how much he enjoyed the toy drive. And during his funeral visitation opted to have gift donations in lieu of flowers.

It’s a sad thing to lose a friend, father. . . or any loved one. But we know Eric would be happy knowing what his daughter and family decided to do in the situation and all of the families it benefitted.

 Why Am I Sharing This?

So why am I sharing this story with you?

Because people often wrongly categorize people. They just assume that people are a certain way that they aren’t.

And I just wanted to take this amazing weekend as an opportunity to share that people that do Combat Sports and Martial Arts as well as CrossFit are not what you might expect.

Thanks again to all the local gyms that came out to Derby City MMA support the Toy Drive this year!


As always if you or anyone you know is interested in becoming stronger, gaining confidence, losing weight or just becoming a part of an amazing community.

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Women's Brazilian Jiujitsu Match

Women’s Brazilian Jiujitsu Class (Starts Nov 1st)

Women’s Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Class Starting November 1st, 2017

Recently several of our female Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioners competed in an all female submission only tournament. Which is super cool. A submission only tournament is where the BJJ competitors roll with one another until one successfully achieves a hold of some sort. Choke hold, arm lock, leg lock, etc.

As a coach I’m very proud of all our or women and their courage to get out there and compete in the spotlight like they did. One of our BJJ Blue Belts was one of the competitors at the U.G.I All Female Submission Only No Gi grappling tournament.

Madison, who is known for being incredibly aggressive with top pressure along with having a strong college wrestling background played this match a little different than normal. During the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu / No Gi Grappling match. She used her top pressure to attack with an ankle lock instead of the grinding guard passing she usually does.

The match was a fast one and she was able to come away with the win during her women’s Brazilian Jiujitsu match. We’re super proud of her accomplishment.

Women’s Brazilian Jiujitsu Class in Louisville, KY

Also, I wanted to share something really awesome with you! If you’re a woman living in Louisville, KY and are interested in Brazilian Jiujitsu. Our gym Derby City MMA has a women’s only class starting on November 1st (Wednesday) at 7pm!

Click here to sign up for the Women’s Only Class

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu has a number of different benefits. Ranging from the ability to develop more physical confidence, building skills and abilities that can be used for self defense along with giving someone an amazing outlet for stress. Couple those things with the fact that you develop close friendships with the community of training partners you have around you and it’s just an overall amazing experience.

If you would like to take part in our Women’s Only Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Class coming up on November, 1st 2017. Then click here and sign up on the next page and we will contact you back with more details! 

Our competitors from the Women's Brazilian Jiujitsu tournament 2

I hope to see you there!


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Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Training With YouTubers?

Did you know that our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training team has 3 well known YouTube personalities. Well. . . well known in the BJJ community anyway. Chewy, Chad and Adam have been doing videos on YouTube since 2012 together. These videos get featured regularly on various Brazilian Jiujitsu news websites, Facebook groups and blogs.

In a recent video, which came out pretty funny, Chewy, Chad and Adam read and responded to all sorts of ridiculous YouTube comments that came to the Chewjitsu YouTube channel. Hopefully if you watch the video you’ll have a good laugh.


After writing part of this post, I totally just realized that I wrote this in 3rd person. Which is kind of silly.


I wanted to share this video with you. 1 because it’s funny, and 2 because every now and then I get new students who didn’t know that we did YouTube videos. And when they find out they are surprised by it and oftentimes think it’s pretty cool.

So anyways I just wanted to share! Hope to see you in the gym sometime soon to do some Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training.


If you have any questions. Our gym is located at 8021 Dixie Highway Louisville, KY.

Our phone number is 502-937-8797
Hope to see you on the mats with us soon!


Louisville BJJ Competition Team

Louisville BJJ Competition Team Wins at NAGA

Louisville BJJ Competition Team

Louisville BJJ Competition Team After The Competition

Louisville BJJ Competition Team Wins at NAGA 2017

Derby City MMA in Louisville, Ky is home to the areas most active Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competition team. Every weekend it seems like we have some competition going on somewhere. Recently our team was in Cincinnati competing at the NAGA Brazilian Jiujitsu competition.

When we arrived to the tournament. The building it was held in was incredibly hot and muggy. Outside it was a beautiful bright and sunny 85 degree day. Inside of the building it was closer to 90 and the heat of all the bodies created this nasty hot stickiness. If you look at the team picture below, you’ll see my shirt was absolutely soaked in sweat. It looked like I had jumped into the pool! So when it was time to get the BJJ matches going, it didn’t take much to get warmed up.


Louisville BJJ Beginner Wins

Louisville BJJ Beginner Wins At His 1st Tournament

Beginner Wins At 1st BJJ Tournament

Even some of our brand new beginners were able to win medals at their very 1st competition! One such person was John John who joined us several months ago. Along with losing a ton of weight and getting in better shape. He was able to snag some wins and medals at his very 1st BJJ competition. His video is below.


Louisville BJJ Brothers Win

Brothers win BJJ tournament together

Brothers Win Together

Another cool moment came from 2 our students who are brothers. They both won their expert no gi divisions. Sporting two super cool belts at the competition. They both showed great displays of takedowns, control on the ground and athleticism. And it’s super cool to see two brothers, both by blood and by training, win together. Their matches are below.

Great Performance By Our Louisville BJJ Team

All in all it was a great performance by all of our competitors that day. And if my memory serves me correctly. Everyone of our competitors placed in the tournament that day which is impressive. So enjoy the videos and keep a look out for more of our competitions matches. Also, if you want to join us and be apart of the team! Then click on the link below and come try a FREE class today!
Louisville BJJ Comp Team DC Hands

Louisville BJJ Team DC Hands After The Tournament




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Beginners Boxing Class

Want to Try a Beginners Boxing Class ?

Are you interested in beginners Boxing class but have no experience? Do you feel worried that you’re going to get in the way because you’re not in the best shape or have never learned the proper form?

This is by far one the biggest worry most people have when they come into our gym. They have been interested in Boxing but are afraid of their lack of experience being a problem. One person in particular came into the gym and told me that they were nervous because they thought they were just going to get beat up.

So I wanted to take you through a basic idea of what to expect with our Beginners Boxing classes.


Our Amateur Boxing Team

Our Amateur Boxing Team

Beginners Boxing Class Walkthrough

  1. As soon as you walk in the doors for the 1st time. You’ll be greeted by one of our amazing staff members ready to get you started.
  2. After being greeted you’ll be taken for a short walk through in the gym to show you around and make you familiar with the layout.
  3. After your walk through. You’ll be introduced to your Boxing coach and given a pair of gloves to wear for your class if you don’t have a set.
  4. From there our coach will walk you through some of the basics to get you started, and you’ll be hitting the bag with the new techniques in no time!
  5. Afterwards, enjoy the feeling of learning something new, being surrounded by awesome people and getting a fantastic workout.


Our gym has a very cool mixture of people. We have everything from Boxers who get into the ring a compete and we have people who just want to get the fitness benefits of Boxing. But whatever the goals, we have the coaches and classes to make that happen.

So if you’re interested in Boxing but have no prior experience. Don’t worry! Try out one of our Beginners Boxing Classes at Derby City MMA. We’ll build you from the ground up!


To sign up for a Free Beginners Boxing Class and try it with no obligation.

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Hope to see you soon!


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Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Wins at Charlotte

Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Win in Charlotte

Our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Competition Team scored several victories and solid performances back in 2016. During the event 3 of our BJJ competitors took to Charlotte to test their abilities. Our head BJJ coach Chewy, Eugene (Purple Belt at the time) and Chris (Blue Belt at the time).


The matches were filled with some great displays of what our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu gym has to offer. Takedowns, submissions, sweeps, etc.


Head Coach Nick “Chewy” Albin Competing


Eugene Scores two BJJ Submissions


Chris Securing Gets The W


Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Gym Offers More Than Competition

If you would like to do Brazilian Jiujitsu in Louisville, KY. Then check us out at Derby City MMA.

We have an amazing group of people. Everyone from young and old, to competitors and hobbyists.

And while we do have some of the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training available. Lead by our world class coaches Nick “Chewy” Albin and Chad Hardy. Our main focus of our BJJ program is to give people a community and connectedness in addition to the training that’s involved.

In the matches above you see the excitement of a BJJ competition and the hard nose execution of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. But there is so much more. Our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu gym is based around connecting a tribe of people. We train together, hang out together, compete together, etc.

So even if you’re not that interested in Bjj competitions. No problem. Tournaments make up a small percentage of what we do here at the gym. Our biggest focus is to train people in the martial art so they can become physically and mentally stronger while meeting new people.

So if you’re interested in training, don’t wait! Call us at 502-937-8797


If you don’t want to talk on the phone. You can sign up for your first free class by filling out the sign up box on this page. Just click here to sign up. 




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Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Team at UGI

Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Team Shines At Submission Only Tournament

This weekend our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu team had some fantastic performances at the UGI grappling competition.


Last weekend 5 of our Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitors stepped up to compete in a super match style Bjj competition. Our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu program here at Derby City MMA put 3 Blue Belts, 1 Brown Belt and 1 Black Belt on the mats that day.


The rules for the tournament were simple. The competitors had 6-8 minutes to submit their opponent. If neither was able to submit the other then the match was declared a draw.

During the day we had 2 submissions and 3 draws. But even the draws showed some very close attempts that nearly finished the match. Like during Patricks match where he nearly had a knee bar finish.


Here are the Brazilian Jiujitsu matches from this weekend!


Patrick Bliss UGI Match


Seth Ritchie UGI Match


Madison Haycraft UGI Match


Matt Harrison UGI Match


Chad Hardy UGI Match


Premier Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu Team

One thing that can be said about Derby City MMA is that we have the most active and most decorated team for Brazilian Jiujitsu in Louisville. No team has won more medals, produced more BJJ champions and is as active as ours. This is a direct reflection of the team atmosphere our Louisville Brazilian Jiujitsu gym has.  We train hard and push one another to better, but it’s done always with the understanding that we are a team and we are working together to build everyone up.

If you’re interested in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu or even being a part of a big team and community. Than our BJJ program is for you. We have excellent coaches ready to build you up the right way and your teammates are some of the most awesome people you’ll ever meet.

To start training with us. Click here and fill out the contact form to start with a FREE class.

You can also call us at 502-937-8797. 


Hope to see you join myself and the team on the mats!


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Louisville mma gym

This Louisville MMA Does Things a Little Different

Louisville MMA Gym 4th of July Party

At Derby City MMA in Louisville, Ky. We not only train together. But we also have a great community atmosphere. This is probably one of the reasons that so many people in the Louisville area looking for a gym come to us to do Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing, Crossfit and the strength training programs we offer.

When people come to our Louisville MMA gym. Often the idea of an MMA gym is intimidating. But really, MMA just means Mixed Martial Arts and that’s because we mix up several martial arts styles.

And so when people come into our gym and feel very welcomed and invited. It changes everything. Because going to a gym and training can enjoyable for sure. But training with amazing people that you enjoy being around is even better. Being connected to a group is something that we all want as humans and the connected atmosphere of our gym definitely delivers in that area.

Louisville MMA Gym 4th Party

This past weekend our MMA gym as well as our CrossFit affiliate had a 4th of July party for all of our members and it was a blast.

We did everything from eat burgers and play cornhole, to enjoying one of our member’s homemade craft beer. Oh and we almost blew each other up with fireworks. Just kidding. . . well sorta.

Anyways, we hope you had a good (and safe) 4th of July. And if you’re ever interested in training Boxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Crossfit, Strength Training, or if you ever want to be in a place where you feel connected to a group that is pushing each other to get better. Then come by and try out a free class with us.

Click here and go to this page and sign up for a free class.



outdoor Louisville gym workout

It’s a Different Experience at This Louisville Gym

Along with offering the best Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Boxing and Crossfit that any Louisville gym has to offer. Our facility also offers such a different experience than the rest. One of those is just workouts that fun!

Like this workout. Recently our head Crossfit coach (Grindhouse Crossfit), head Brazilian Jiujitsu coach (Chewy) and a couple of the members from different programs got together for a fun outdoor workout. Why this is important is that enjoyable workouts with great people is one of the things that will help most people reach their goals, rather than fall short of them.

The workout was a combination of a Sled Push, Sandbag Run, a Run and then a short rest. This one had the legs burning and really pushed the gas tank. Below is a short video of the workout from our BJJ coaches Youtube channel!


A Different Type of Louisville Gym

Many people have tried regular workouts at regular gyms and for so many they just don’t work. And then after they’ve failed at those gyms. They often make their way to our facility which is a different type of Louisville gym.


We have all the same stuff you’d expect in regards to exercise equipment. But on top of that we have coaches guiding all of our members through the motions and teaching them. Combine that with an amazing community of people who are all in it together pushing one another. And you have a completely different experience than the one had at most traditional gyms. And that’s why I say our Louisville gym is just different.


We have members of all ages. Kids in our kids classes and older people in our fitness classes. We also have tons of young people pushing their bodies to compete in our BJJ and Boxing program. But we’re all in it together. It’s such a neat experience to be a part of, and it’s hard to understand it until you see it for yourself.

So if you’re interested in having the direction of a world class coach, being a part of a positive and uplifting atmosphere and getting into the best shape of your life. Then take the first step and sign up for your 1st Free Class! 

You can do this 2 ways.

Either online by clicking here and signing up on the form. We’ll contact you and do the rest. 


Call us at 502-937-8797 and we can set you up for a class today!


Either way, I hope to see you soon!



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