Want to Try a Beginners Boxing Class ?

Beginners Boxing Class

Are you interested in beginners Boxing class but have no experience? Do you feel worried that you’re going to get in the way because you’re not in the best shape or have never learned the proper form?

This is by far one the biggest worry most people have when they come into our gym. They have been interested in Boxing but are afraid of their lack of experience being a problem. One person in particular came into the gym and told me that they were nervous because they thought they were just going to get beat up.

So I wanted to take you through a basic idea of what to expect with our Beginners Boxing classes.


Our Amateur Boxing Team

Our Amateur Boxing Team

Beginners Boxing Class Walkthrough

  1. As soon as you walk in the doors for the 1st time. You’ll be greeted by one of our amazing staff members ready to get you started.
  2. After being greeted you’ll be taken for a short walk through in the gym to show you around and make you familiar with the layout.
  3. After your walk through. You’ll be introduced to your Boxing coach and given a pair of gloves to wear for your class if you don’t have a set.
  4. From there our coach will walk you through some of the basics to get you started, and you’ll be hitting the bag with the new techniques in no time!
  5. Afterwards, enjoy the feeling of learning something new, being surrounded by awesome people and getting a fantastic workout.


Our gym has a very cool mixture of people. We have everything from Boxers who get into the ring a compete and we have people who just want to get the fitness benefits of Boxing. But whatever the goals, we have the coaches and classes to make that happen.

So if you’re interested in Boxing but have no prior experience. Don’t worry! Try out one of our Beginners Boxing Classes at Derby City MMA. We’ll build you from the ground up!


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